Cider Love Sign

Will Correll loves cider. And unique architecture. And all things authentically Virginian. And as founder and proprietor of Buskey Hard Cider, he saw a special opportunity in Cape Charles. Already an established brand in Richmond, Buskey Hard Cider enjoyed a loyal community of ‘city’ cider-lovers. So when Will and his team sought a classic Virginia town to be the next new home for his decidedly Virginian cidery, Cape Charles was an easy answer. When the Buskey team visited Cape Charles and saw an old building with distinct architecture (and Buskey’s trademark recessed rectangle over the door), it seemed like it was meant to be. Since their ‘Buskey on the Bay’ tasting room opened June 16th on Mason Avenue, here in Cape Charles, the cider hasn’t stopped flowing. 

What made Cape Charles stand out? “We really like the vibe of the people here— the locals are great,” says Will. “We’re getting a lot of locals and actually Richmonders who are visiting Cape Charles stopping in, too.” As for what the local community thinks of their new tasting room? It fits right in. Correll’s appreciation of history and belief in restoring, not destroying, led him to breathe new life into an empty space on Mason Avenue, reviving it as a comfortable, authentic bayside gathering spot. “We’re very much a part of the Richmond community and we’re enjoying being a part of Cape Charles too,” Correll explains. Buskey by the Bay is staffed by locals, many of whom are area teachers on summer break. And as their new tasting room continues to thrive, Will looks forward to letting the customers weigh in on what might come next for the space they enjoy—a fire pit, maybe a stage for live music events—it’s all part of the community involvement that Buskey Hard Cider is known for.

Cider Sunset

With its team of energetic cider visionaries, Buskey by the Bay is set for a delicious future in Cape Charles. “We love making our cider—what could be better than serving it in one of the most beautiful bayside towns?” says Will.