Bay Creek is a place where getting together with friends comes naturally—the beach, the golf course, the Beach Club. Now, thanks to our amazing fun-loving residents, it’s even easier to enjoy the company of neighbors and friends.

Beachtails – July 19, 2019

We’re pleased to help get the word out about a new Friday evening frolic called the Bay Creek Beachtail. Here’s what it’s all about.

What: The Bay Creek Beachtail, a twice-a-month get together for Bay Creek residents—full time and part time—Beach Club and Golf Club members, owners, friends and guests.

When: 6pm until. Every 2nd and 4th Friday evening of the month.
The Beachtail will be happening all summer and ‘as long as the warm weather lasts,’ which can take us right into fall here on our balmy Eastern Shore.
NEXT Beachtail scheduled for Friday, August 9th.

Where: The Bay Creek Beach
What to Bring:
• A beach chair, your favorite beverage, and an easy appetizer or dessert to share
• Sun lotion
• A sweatshirt or sweater if it cools down after sunset
• A sense of humor is always welcome!

Resident, Maggie Deuel says this of the get together: “This is a nice opportunity to catch up with others, learn about upcoming events in and around town, and to welcome new people to Bay Creek.” Maggie and her husband, Jim Liepman, attended and organized the first three Beachtails.

“A great group of people gathered and relaxed under the tent. We had a Cornhole competition, people played Kadima…everyone enjoyed the food, drinks and just getting to know new neighbors,” says Maggie.

There’s really no downside to it—getting together with old friends, meeting new ones, the Bay, the beach…and then there are those spectacular sunsets—it’s a great spectacle to share with friends.

So, mark your calendars for the NEXT Bay Creek Beachtail.

Questions about attending the Bay Creek Beachtail?
Contact resident, Maggie Deuel at